Looking for a "paint" mentor

Here … this should show it a little better. The shot I used before showed the end product, so you couldn’t really see how it was put together. Once you have the mask or cutout done, you don’t use the normal logo at all. Just place the cutout logo and then fill in all around it with vinyls the same color that you want to make the car. In this case black. So all my cutouts are black and then all the vinyl filling in around the cutouts is black.

So here I’ve removed the ‘fill-in’ vinyls around the cutout so you can clearly see that the car is just chrome underneath with all the cutouts and filler vinyls placed around the car.

Ok, now I see.

Use my original vinyl to make a “negative”. Place that one on the car and fill in all the surrounding areas with same color as said negative’s template. So that way all the blank space remains exposed thus showing the color underneath. In this case, the chrome since there is no actual way to make a chrome vinyl.

Ok, great! My apologies for taking so long to get that and many thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

No problem at all. We all started out somewhere once. In relation to the logos in your original post … instead of trying to recreate a 3D chrome look just using colored vinyls, maybe you could try this instead and actually use chrome underneath and the cutouts. On the other hand, if you’re trying to go for a chrome look on a club logo you’re working on that will be used multiple times on multiple cars … then this may not be the way to go because it’s always going to require a chrome base paint which would severely limit your options when designing for multiple cars.

After reading that, I now have the same thought. I didn’t consider the paint limitation. At the same time, I’d rather practice the lettering because I can change the color of those to fit the vehicle. Also, the “practice” of trying to make them not only lets me practice making said letters in variable designs, I can also use it help me practice the art of using effects. Then I can try those techniques in other ways, not just the lettering while gaining further knowledge of the shapes, colorings, and such.

Then again…

Using colored chromes (or other “special colors”) may help. From there, I can use some of the effects. I’ll just have to create larger pieces that either compliment or cover the surrounding areas around the cutouts. So in theory, the cars could all be chrome or what have you underneath but use, for example the square vinyl, to make the car another color. Like you did your example pictures where the front of Camaro is chrome but completely covered by another color other than where the desired designed shows through.

I think in those situations, both be used interchangeably. Using actual chrome with masking or just using the “designed” chrome in other places. I think using both on the same car, however, may look a little off.

I hope that makes sense lol.


Back when I made my County Sheriff vinyl (one of my first times to use the editor), I would get so frustrated because trying to copy it right/left kept pasting it backwards. Eventually, I posted about it and people gave me tips on how to make it display on both sides correctly. Little did I know that the “wrong” way to copy something could actually come in handy lol. That’s art for you… :slight_smile: