Looking for a club to race with - details inside

Hi guys. I am looking for a club. Here’s about me…
New to online
5 months experience with Xbox 360 wheel and cockpit
No assists but wheel set is 2 pedal

I drive various tracks in:
B500 - Lotus Elise - 1 stock, 1 modified to B500 max - sport tires on both
A600 - Lotus Elise Sport, mod to A600 max
S700 - Lotus 2-eleven mod to S700 max
S700 - Lotus Evora T124 mod to S700 max
R3 800 - Ferrari F312P stock
R2 875 - Ferrari F312P mod to about 850
R2 875 - Radical SR8 stock
R1 998 - Ferrari F333SP mod to 998

With all classes except R1, in medium difficulty free laps I rank between
3% and 5% from top. In R1 I am between 3% and 13% depending on the track.

You may have noticed that I only drive Lotus and Ferrari prototypes. I
drive a Lotus Elise in real life on street and track and tbh, 2500 pounds to
me is a school bus. I bought Forza to help me on the track.