Looking for 280 SL and some PO cars

Looking for the 280 SL (obviously)

and the PO cars I need are:
Camaro ZL1
Focus RS
911 GT3

Name your price for any, got credits and also 2 backstage passes on anything to trade.

PO cars are banned from the auction house.

PO cars cant be sold

Omg!!! Please Noooooooo. And how can I get this cars? Do they cone back to the forzathon shop oder will they come in any season?

If you level up in Eliminator you can get the Porsche 911 PO. It seems daunting but I got it quick.

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I remember, that once the Ford Focus was in the forathon shop (not 100% sure). I hope this will happen with the camaro and the mclaren