Longest race track on Horizon 4?

Hi all, I discovered yesterday that the longest race track you can design can have a maximum of 40 miles of road and 250 checkpoints, has anybody come close to that yet? I’ve designed a 39.4 mile track I call Goliath Senior which follows the same kind of principle as goliath only it’s designed to be more technical and scenic. For example the drift zone in Ambleside is utilised as a complex before the hairpin by the pub and the road which goes over the hills to the west of Edinburgh is a part of the course as well. In my Mosler MT900 it takes me about 15 minutes to complete a lap. It is currently available as a 5 lap event which can be launched from the Goliath start point so if anyone’s curious, have a look, I’ll be looking into other niches to make race tracks for, such as a track which goes all over Edinburgh (literally) and also a track designed specifically for skill point scoring.

Thanks for reading.