Long high speed corners

Does an imbalance in damping cause a car to not hold its line through long high speed cornering. Kind of like the car keep turning in then straightening then turning in then straightening ?

I think that is caused by differential settings, and most easily figured usually by going less aggressive.

That sounds strange.

In steady state mid-corner (such as say the long right at Road America) the dampers should have no effect, they work on velocity (hence mid corner bumps aside the damper is moving slowly) so I can’t see why they would cause this behaviour, that is of course if it is mid corner where the problem is?

Try looking at pages 23-25 of this (the rest is worth a read also but 23/24 will help you most): http://www.kaztechnologies.com/fileadmin/user_upload/Kaz_Tech_Tips/FSAE_Damper_Guide-_Jim_Kasprzak_Kaz_Tech_Tip.pdf

This is my bible! Have not read it in a while and it is so refreshing to read it again to realign my understanding. There is so much to learn about damping. Great recommendation. Sorry about going off topic so . . .

For the OP, my guess is that this is a FWD problem and not a RWD?

In RWD, I find the cars usually understeer or oversteer so not accustomed to experiencing this condition in a RWD.

In FWD, I can imagine the car doing this if the amount of power is just enough to break traction at that speed and/or if the differential happens to be engaging/disengaging at that speed.

So if the car is gripping and pushing alternately this is not a steady state condition therefore the dampers will be at work to some degree. If it is the damper I think the suspension may be right in the middle of sweet spot: soften the front bump will likely extend the grip; and stiffening the front bump will likely extend the push.

These are my guesses . . .

For testing/evaluation, I find Road America carrousel to be too tricky:

  1. It has a nasty crown on the road - if the car is on the inside, great; if the car is on the outside the car tends to wash out
  2. It does not feel like a constant radius corner - at about 2/3 of the way through the corner, it tightens up!

The best place to evaluate the suspension, in my opinion, is the Test Track (aptly named) which is completly FLAT with no road crowning.