Logitech G923 problem, blinking screen and disconnect Wheel / XBOX SERIES X

I Have a problem with Forza Horizon 4 on my Xbox Series X. When I was trying using pad everything was ok, but when I connected now for the first time Wheel Logitech G923 the screen is blinking and it says „controller switched off, connect it Again” when I press „A” on my Wheel the screen is still blinking, connecting controller, but After few seconds disconnect again. With forza motorsport 7 and other racing games everything works perfect. Does anyone know how to fix it? Thank you!

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Not using the g923 but same type of issue here on PC not tested on series x.
Was working great before switched betweeen wheel/controller in middle of race. Use wheel it was using only the wheel press something on controller it was using controller only.
~3-4 updates ago it started to behave different while playing with controller the wheel was rotating sometimes and game ignored the controller input for a second.
Pressing something on controller again was stopping it but not completely it toggled between both inputs sometimes. Then it started doing “Controller disconnected” messages since then the wheel setup must be disconnected while playing fh4 on pc.

not sure what they’ve changed but it started with some update and since some other update there are other input problems too

tested with my old g920 on the series x (front usb) for ~5min in free roam
was fine for 2minutes (switching between wheel/pad too) then wheel was rotating to max left and game ignored gamepad (throttle, brake). pressing pause on gamepad and back to drive it was working again for 30seconds. using the wheel it is doing nothing for first ~1/4 rotation in both directions (default settings)
something is broken

btw the g923 is not listed in the supported wheels

but im able to reproduce some blinking screen
stay in free roam and wait for controller shutdown the ui is blinking

Hello, I have exactly the same problem with new G923 wheel and Forza Horizon 4 on XSX.
When I started the game, there was no error but wheel did no reacted to any change direction. Only pedals were reacting. The buttons on the wheel reacted perfectly when moving around in the game menu.
So, I went to configuration menu but did not find anything suitable to change in wheel controls configuration.
Then, I returned to the gameplay and this blinking screen started with a message “Controller Disconnected”.
Can anyone help with that please?

Hi@All, have the same problems…G923 on XSX; Assetto Corsa works fine with the wheel. On FH4 the same sh…! Blinking Screen and the message “controller disc”. FH4 was my first and only game, i sent the wheel back and ordered a new one. After first two days the problems again. I´ll now try the “Thrustmaster TX 458” wheel. There is no help from logitech support - after 1hour!!! on the phone they had no idea to solve the problems…kind reg gernot

Did anyone try to update firmware of G923 to the newest and then try Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox series X? I was only testing it on fabric one. I was not able to update (or I don’t know how) on my Mac and I’m waiting until the weekend for someone come with PC. Maybe that would solve a problem? In the link PinkiePie had sent the Forza Support Team mentioned about updating.

Its not the firmware or something
some friend had the g923 for review in july and it was working fine
it should work same as g920

it stopped working with some update and there are problems with other wheels too same with controllers
you have to wait for some fix

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Ok, it was weird, because today I launched FH4 and everything was working great! Then I restarted consol to Check and is not any blinking screen and disconnecting controller, you are able to play, but force Feedback doesn’t work and I see there are some issues with gas pedal and steering - (gas doesn’t work so good, the car has very very bad acceleration and Wheel is working weird, little bit Like 0-1 working, Like buttons on gamepad). But as said for maybe 5 minutes until I restarted consol everything was working how it should be…

think trueforce from g923 is not supported in fh4 only grid2019 and assetto but not sure if this means no ffb at all

setup the wheel, deadzones, etc
Settings>Controller>Wheel & Wheel>Advanced settings


TrueForce is also not supported in Forza Motorsport 7, and Dirt 2.0 and in those games everything works good. I was testing it little bit more yesterday and it´s not good, as said screen is not blinking, it doesn’t disconnect the wheel, but gas is not working properly, I was trying to setup deadzones etc but nothing help, force feedback is also not working at all. So I guess we just have to wait for some update that fixes the problem

found this on support page

  • Launching the title with a pad and then turning on the wheel, results in pad settings being applied. Please, launch the game with the wheel only

It seems that Alasdair JCW is right! I was trying few times to launch game WITHOUT quick resume option and everything work well! Thank you! Do you guys recommend then to update firmware of G923 logitech Wheel for playing on Xbox series X? Does it give any better experience? Is it even possible?

Well, hoped against hope that new Firmware and XBOX Series X would work. It didn’t. Tried Emuwheel and VJoy and the best I got out of that on the PC was the car spinning in circles…XBOX 1 X and the Series X I had to manually assign the inputs…sometimes it would confuse different axis’ or tell me I hadn’t assigned all inputs. I’m done. Going back to G920 and returning the wheel to Logitech. When Forza, Playground Games, and Logitech get their stuff together I might try it again. Sending it back. I don’t want to troubleshoot something that doesn’t work unless I am a programmer. Enough is enough, I will keep checking for, if in the future it does work I will buy another. NUTS!!!