Logitech G920 steering wheel STILL broken in FH4 XB1

I’ve tried every setting, every option, I’ve copied setups from different people, tuned my cars specifically for the wheel and no matter what I do as soon as I lose ANY traction the cars go into a death wobble. Are you freaking kidding me?! I’ve read every tutorial from Forza and everyone else with no improvements whatsoever. Now I’m getting the general message that the game expects us to tune the wheel specifically for each and every car?! Are you mad?! This is absolute horse-crap. I’ve even begun having the same issues with FM6 and 7. Unrecoverable understeer/oversteer. Instead of blaming the car’s setup, or the driver, how about fixing the damn game! I can literally go from last place to first place with a huge gap by switching from my wheel to a gamepad. That is RIDICULOUS! It’s either there has to be a fix, or admit that the game wasn’t made for a wheel and stop advertising it as such. I don’t remember GT being this much of a hassle with the wheel.

I have a piece of advice for anyone that is using a wheel to play Forza Horizon 4, DON’T! You will NEVER be competitive. Online play is impossible. Free roam and Forzathon events are about the only thing you can use it for and that’s after you tune the wheel to the specific car you are using. You will also need to tune the car as well to use the wheel. If you want a competitive experience with stock cars and stock settings, then play another game that is more developed for the use as a simulator. Neither Horizon 4, FM7 or any of it’s predecessors should be considered as such.