Logitech g25 oversteer with every car

Yes, I’m running on normal as sim is way too much, but even normal steering suffers from it, it’s just toned down somewhat.

I have no problems with sim steering except catching slides, even in AWD cars. I did drive the RJ Anderson short-course truck around the dirt pit on sim without many problems. Might have had to rewind once or twice from snap fishtail spins. So, useless online, with the tunes I made a month ago when it was plugged in last haha…

I personally don’t recommend SIM steering with a wheel - it’s great for shaving 10ths of seconds on race tracks in Forza Motorsport, but it often leads to violent snap oversteer moments in faster cars, especially in a game like Horizon where you are typically driving faster more of the time.

This section of the wheel user’s guide helps explain some of this:

Normal vs Simulation Steering

Having the option to choose between “Normal” or “Simulation” steering is the assists menu is one of the reasons so many players of different skill levels can enjoy Forza games, whether using a gamepad or a wheel. Forza is known for being controllable and natural on a gamepad and these systems are a major component of that feeling. There are multiple systems layered together to create Normal steering. Simulation Steering turns these systems off. The input layers of these systems are turned off any time you use a wheel, regardless of the steering setting.

The Normal steering assist may make FFB feel “sharper” because it influences the yaw inertia of the car to help maintain control during rapid lock-to-lock steering situations. This makes the car somewhat less agile than with Simulation steering, but also more stable.

And yet we were told previously that the wheel guide is wrong and a lot of those layers are turned off regardless no matter what setting if you’re using a wheel…

who told you that, or is that what is actually written right there

There are still some differences between Simulation and Normal steering with a wheel outside of those input layers, mainly in the amount of a countersteer aid (for wheels only), which increases the countersteer rate when running 900 degrees and is linear at minimum rotation degrees. This effect is significantly lower with Simulation than it is with Normal setting selected. Again, the overall effect is more precision, but less stability with Sim mode.

“…which increases the countersteer rate when running 900 degrees and is linear at minimum rotation degrees…”

Can we have an option to fully disable this, or tune it, including down to 0? I think it was what made drifting the roundabout smoothly on my T500RS at 1080 degrees, impossible. The car felt like it was constantly trying to be on a trajectory that it thought was a reasonable approximation of my intent, rather than accept a stable yaw speed. Whether it was because I was in the outer 15% of steering lock, or because drifting often involves smaller movements and corrections than the predictive steering wanted to give, I don’t know.

“…It influences the yaw inertia of the car…”

When I drift IRL, all I feel is the weight. It might be because while I have driven a few cars hard on pavement, all of the drifting, mostly RWD, was on snow. The steering wheels and pedals are important as tools but the ultimate reality of weight in motion can’t be overwritten. This is why I resent Forza’s “normal” steering, as my understand currently is that it is “injecting physical effects”, that have no basis in reality, into a perfectly good simulation–and if the simulation is not good, a bad fix only makes it worse. I am most comfortable grip driving a car when I know how it slides. I’m not comfortable walking the limits until I know what’s beyond them. Maybe that doesn’t apply to race cars. I think it does though; I seem to remember something about oval racers using dirt racing to stay fresh.

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Jon… Perhaps, rather than locking down the physics, and idiot-proofing everything from tire width to downforce ranges… You could do something greater? The boundaries have not been pushed. I don’t know if anyone at T10 or PG knows what it means to have fun with a car.

Your team has taken an inside-out approach at handling multiple aspects of the physics, not the least of which is the “moar power” progression from FH1. Power in itself is not bad. What’s bad is, I can’t drift a 2500 pound car with 200 horsepower and stock tires, even after suspension tuning. It’s been well documented, weaker cars can slide too. What is this nonsense about the tapping the thumbstick and the wheels flapping back and forth in drift? You can do better.

Hello, I’m here because I think you can help me play forza 4 then a moment on (pc) and I have a steering wheel g25 but impossible to configure it to have a good return of strength and good behavior you are in the same situation? I need you friends

(Sorry if it’s poorly written I translated the message into English as I could)

Bonjour, je suis la car je pense que vous pouvez m’aider je joue a forza 4 de puis un moment sur (pc) et j’ai un volant g25 mais impossible de le configuré pour avoir un bon retour de force et une bonne conduite vous êtes dans le meme situation ? j’ai besoin de vous les amis

( desolé si c’est mal écrit j’ai traduit le message en anglais comme je pouvais )