LOGICSAYS designs/paints gallery

All my designs include Atari/PesT logo’s, this is in memory of my fiancé , who lost her life in a road traffic accident in 2011, also the number 37, the age she died.
She was a computer programmer and developer and Logicsays was her business name, PeST was a component that she designed for Atari consoles.

I am truly sorry for your loss but it looks like you have channeled it well the designs you have made are all first rate. I really love the New Man Mazda and I hope to see more awesome stuff from you in the future!

Thank you Ace.

That Viper is quite something mate. Keep up the great work!

Buzzin Viper looks awesome, i like it. Keep it up made!

good job on the viper that bee looks complicated to do

All my designs are shared, so you can download and use them. The shared ones do not have Logic Says on them.