LOD distance changes randomly on Shader rebuild

The distance at which LODs change for most items (mostly vegetation) changes every time a shader cache rebuild happens (“Optimizing your pc. n%…” screen).
No consistent results on this bug. To trigger a rebuild, one can reinstall GPU driver with clean install option. As a result you end up with randomized draw distance. On one attempt the grass and trees will pop in 10 meters away from your car, the other will have some decent distance. In addition, distant land and trees are not shaded and appear too brights, which makes the issue even worse.

Quality settings do not affect the issue. Tried Extreme and High presets.

Please note: results are random and do not correlate with driver version, be it updating or rolling back.

Suggestion: could we have a separate draw distance setting, to offload this decision to the player instead of the faulty automatic function?

Specs: i5-11400, RTX3070Ti, 16gb ram, Windows 11 22621.1265


Some additional detail:
Sometimes everything looks great. But mostly, scaling is like this. Assets just pop in as really bright sprites, and change to shaded models only in very close vicinity to the vehicle.
Changing world detail, textures, and shaders from extreme to other settings won’t do any difference.

Until recently I never noticed these “popups” and its very annoying. I’ve tried various settings without success. My pc is i7-13000k - RTX 3080 - 32GB RAM - Windows 10