Lock deadzones on wheel

I got my Logitech G920 earlier this year in anticipation of using it with this game, and am slightly disappointed. The lackluster force feedback and lack of Xbox menu buttons makes it less pleasurable to use, and especially given the G920’s 900 degree steering angle, Forza can only use about 25% of that. That’s OK, but what I find especially irritating is that there is no indication of when you’ve reached 25% in terms of force feedback. Games like DiRT Rally and Project Cars 2 allow you to even adjust the strength of this as well as how much of the steering angle is used. Clearly this game was not designed with wheels in mind to cater to a wider audience. But the fact that they went to the effort of providing 90% of the options you could ever want for the wheel and yet they forgot about soft lock is puzzling. I sincerely hope they patch this in the future, otherwise I’ll probably be playing with a controller again.

Unfortunately there will be no patch, heck T10 will not even acknowledge this is an issue… And it will remain the same in FM8

You know we’ve got an 80 page thread about this stuff already?

Don’t look at the cockpit animation, it’s only mapped to the first 20% of the input so that it matches the rotation of the wheel, when the animation stops it does not mean your input isn’t doing anything. If you press down on the d-pad and look at the telemetry you can see your actual steering input.

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OK thanks, didn’t know that was the case, because the car doesn’t feel like it turns any more after that point. But in any case, I doubt the game uses the full 900 degrees by default.

It does but 900 isn’t ideal for all cars.

On top of this, I found a couple of cars that seem to really like being driven with a wheel set to 1080° on the PC. I forgot to set it back to 900° after playing Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa. One of them was the GT350 Mustang from the bounty hunter, it felt much nicer to me at 1080°, took me by surprise. Something I intend to do more testing with.