Localization - Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR) - HUD

Bug Info: bad localization.

Platform: Xbox (I assume Windows as well)
Edition: Game Pass (but probably on Standard, Deluxe, Premium, Add-Ons)

  • Brief description of the issue (Short sentence): simple mistake in translation, makes game difficult to understand as it doesn’t have the usual wording. Makes it look it was made using Google Translator and not checked by any local.

. “BEST (LAP)” can be translated to “MELHOR” (best), not “A MELHOR” (“the best”)
. “SPLIT (TIME)” should be translated to “PARCIAL” (partial), not “DIVISÃO” (division)

  • Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered: any race, standard HUD

  • Affected language(s): Brazilian Portuguese

We’re closing this thread due to low reports / reproductions. If you are still experiencing this issue you can create a new topic. At the time of the closing this topic had 1 votes.