Local multiplayer bugs found

Hi I’ve found some bugs with local multi-player.

The first issue is when playing split screen marks on the road are showing up like a rainbow of colours. It only happened on the bottom player on the screen and only when behind the player on the top pane. It did not matter the distance away from the other player it still occurred. The other issue was lights coming from the other players car when hitting the barrier or driving on the grass, the effect looked like a rainbow of lights and colours coming out of the car. The issue was noticed after a few laps had already been driven and the console was checked for over heating which was found to be okay.

The second issue and most important is that when two players have been playing in split screen mode and they both get spins for increasing their levels all the spins for both players and the prizes won from them go to the first player. This issue cost me as the second player five spins as my level increased from 12 to 17 after the race.

NOTE: If your a player reading this DO NOT do any spins while both accounts are connected on the single console or the issue can affect you and you could loose some nice prizes.

Screen shots taken from some of the recordings taken while driving and getting the colours and lights coming from the car in front.

Cars in race:
Player 1: Toyota GT86
Player 2: VW Golf '14
Nürburgring (12.9 mi)