Lobby problem, could use some advice

I have been running in the D class lobbies and I have an issue with another player who always seems to be racing at the same time as me. I know its against the rules to name him, so I won’t. I do know he reads the forum though and I’m hoping that the responses to this will make him get it.

I’m not the fastest player, but I’m far from slow (have a few top 50’s). This other player never shuts up about how great he is, yet he doesn’t even have a single top 100. We both drive Minis and I’m typically about 1 to 1.5 seconds per lap faster than him. I win most races against him easily if I don’t get run off the road early in the race. That’s the problem, he is always slamming into me going into corners. If I can get a lead, its not a problem because he can’t catch me. Its usually early in the race, but as I brake for a turn, he will slam into me and knock me off the road. He always screams and blames me for braking too early. I’ve tried to explain to him that he is slower than me because he brakes so late and loses exit speed because of it. He doesn’t want to hear it though and it just turns into a moronic shouting match. I tried blocking him but found it almost impossible to get into a decent lobby because he is always on. I unblocked him, but he runs me off the road in about 2/3rds of the races we are in. Its so frustrating.

I must not be the only one he is doing this with because his rep needs work. Of course he claims that people report him because he’s too fast. Most of his times are barely in the top 500, so I highly doubt that he is getting reported because of being too fast. He’s no Raul…

Any suggestions on what to do about this?

If he’s intentionally running into you, I suggest saving the replays, uploading them and sending the info for what happened, along with how to find the replays to “Snowowl” on the forums.

Other than that, I would just cut communication with him since he seems irrational, just race your race and if something happens, do the above and it should be taken care of.

Hopefully this helps!

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Can’t tell if its intentional or not. I’d like to give him the benefit of doubt. I learned how to be a little fast by hot lapping. My racing skills are not very good though unless I’m out in front. I’m working on it, but I cause my share of collisions while trying to pass and my judgement is still rather poor with what the other players are going to do… Its the fact that he’s hitting me from behind and always while I’m braking that has me wondering if it could be me that’s causing it??? I know I try to be very focused on slow in and fast out. How do I know if I’m too slow in though? My lap times are no where near the very best players, but I’m clearly faster than the guy who keeps running into me.

Sound like your leaving the door open. If he takes your line, you cant keep speed. Its smart racing if you dont cause a wreck.

Name is Craig

He is taking the same line, he just brakes much much later than I do. I’ve watched him when I am trying to pass him, he brakes very late and slides through the turn. It makes passing him fairly easy.

Lou you played enough multi-player to know what to do.


Welcome to the joys of multiplayer, Craig.

you have got a few options

  1. block him/report him
  2. race in a different class
  3. use a less dominant car, so you actually have a race with the rest of the pack. and let him hotlap by himself. he will soon get bored and leave or should if he was remotely human.
  4. play another game like project cars
  5. Use the hummer and ram him into submission. I personally would not but it may relieve your frustration.
  6. tell everyone in the lobby that the minis a cheaters car and is glitched to win and let them do option 5) for you.
  7. If you feel he’s victimising you because your quicker or your Lou. change your gamertag or create a new account. many people do to avoid people or the authorities. try something less obvious
    like : “I don’t like Dallas cowboys”. that should get him off your back…lol
    A lot of people use their favourite football team and they first name for a gamertag. For example: if Lou liked the phillys your gt could be a combination of this.

Good luck Craig

Option 3 from HLR TOFFO. Yes u dont have to change cars but beating people while u only drive the mini is nothing spectacular. Its more fun racing the lobby then showing off how fast you are in a leaderboard car so grab a lobby competitive car and have a blast bumping and banging with everybody. Most people dont have that outlook on lobby racing so im sure people will get butt hurt over what i just said.

You’ll never get any love from using the top LB car, and hey if your really faster than you shoulds till win in a slowwer car.

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