Lobby full of AI racers? Where are the REAL ppl?

I think I messed with a setting or something… whenever I try to join a race lobby, it just puts me against a bunch of AI players instead of actual real online racers. How do I fix this problem?

Thanks, and apologize in advance if it’s a stoopit question

Are you creating a race or joining a public lobby?

I’ve found that the online play is still quite active and I can get into a quick race straight away.

The problem I find is that I’m trying to get the ‘Win Online’ Porsche achievements. There’s four of them and I have one and I’m yet to find anyone online within the Porsche lobbies. Therefore I have to take my chances in either the quick race, ‘S’ or ‘A’ class lobbies which both seem to be the more active than the others.

Most other public lobbies I’ve found are full of AIs which doesn’t help me.

You don’t need to race other people to gt the cheevo’s. Simply set up a private race using the correct car (and track for the ring), fill it with AI, and your golden. I got all four that way. It still counts as on “online race” even if your the only one in the lobby.


Hey there! i’m having the same problem when trying to join servers. it almost seems like the community is dead. Add me.


Yep that worked, thanks EZT.