When I start the game, the loading screen won’t continue to the main game for some reason! I’ve tried my other accounts and they do the same. Don’t know if it’s a bug or what, but if you could please look into this.

What platform are you on? If console, which gen is it? if PC:

What hardware are you running?
What version is is? Steam or Microsoft Store? If MS Store, is it Game Pass or owned?

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ive had this problem for 3 weeks already. I play the game on Pc and i tried everything i could to try to fix this myself. I tried reinstalling nvidia driver & rollback drivers, updated windows, undo overclocks, applied undervolts, tried a different gpu, repair/reset the game, uninstalled FH5 & reinstalled, uninstalled & reinstalled xbox app, changed drive location from M.2 NVME drive to ssd, Tried launchimg the game offline too and nope nothing. The game was running fine until 3/8/2023 update. i dont think theres anything wrong with my pc every other games runs fine. Build is i9 10900k, RTX 3080 12gb, 32gb ddr4 @3200MHz. This is one of my favorite games and ive been itching to play it, this is frustrating.

There’s only 2 additional things I can think of outside of the list you have already tried (assuming you haven’t tried either of course):

  • Disable your anti-virus if it is anything other than Windows Defender as 3rd party AV products can cause issues in general but this game is suscpetible.

  • Make sure to close any overlay programs or monitoring software so things like Steam Overlay, Discord Overlay, NVIDIA etc and stuff like MSI Afterburner and the like. These are also known to cause issues…MSI, in particular, has started causing problems on systems recently for FH5 where it was fine before