LMP1 fuel usage - Possible to adjust in future update?

I’m currently doing the 919 Hybrid @ Le Mans showcase event on extra long distance and I’m having to pit for fuel every 5 laps (or around 18 minutes if you prefer it that way). The is basically meaning the car is using twice as much fuel as it would in reality. Current LMP1 cars would do around 10 or 11 laps (35-40 minutes) per fuel stint at Le Mans. This is making an 87 lap race at 3:30 or so per lap seem twice as long. Anyway that this can be adjusted in future?

As a temp fix just hit pause go to assists and switch to cosmetic damage. That will reset your tires/fuel then just hit pause, switch back to damage/tire/fuel and get back to racing. You can then pit with the rest of the field every 10-11 laps. That’s what I’ve been doing in this situation