Livery Editor Frozen

Xbox Series X

Fanatec CSL DD wheel

Immediately upon entering the “apply decals” tab, I get the audio cue that a button is being pressed and the standard Xbox controller is completely non-responsive. I found that pressing RT on the wheel will temporarily fix the issue but as soon as I move to the next decal slot, or change sides of the car, the issue returns. After restarting the game with the wheel turned off the issue persists, except the livery editor becomes completely unusable as the only workaround involves the wheel. This bug happens 100% of the time and is making the livery editor almost unusable.

To replicate simply plug in a Fanatec wheel and enter the “apply decals” tab.

We’re closing this thread due to low reports / reproductions. If you are still experiencing this issue you can create a new topic. At the time of the closing this topic had 2 votes.