Live Sessions Being Unfair (participation)


Not a bug per say but a complaint. 09/18 I participated in 2 live sessions, and I found myself being the only participant. I decided to do the event anyways to get some points. I did not get one stinking point, and I now understand why, but it is not fair. One person cannot meet the session’s goals. If you decide to do the event even though you are the only one should you at least get some points? I can’t believe I was the only one but I was. The first one I did there was one other player, and after one jump left. If there is only one participant then the session should be immediately scrubbed. Why should one player waste their time doing the event all for not. I just did the 9 PM session, and I thought I did pretty well, and all I got was 20 points. There were I believe over 3 million points scored by the group, and all I get is a lousy 20 points. What a rip off. Must be because I was the only one not in a super/hyper car. Never thought a Live Session would only have one player. I sent this to the devs and they did not want to deal with this.

Are you talking about horizon arcade?
If so yeah, it’s a bad joke and frequently complaint about in this forum. Mainly because few people do it and it’s no fun.

The score required scales with the number of participants, so if someone leaves it get’s a lot harder for you to get throught with it. They appear more frequent than the forzathon in fh4, so my advice if someone quits on you, just leave the event (you can do so in the menu) and do the next one. Think they appear all 20 min. They give 60 points if you complete all 3 rounds.

You keep saying ‘live’, which makes me think you’re talking about FH4? But you tagged the post FH5? What are you talking about exactly?

No it was not the arcade which I am not familiar with. It was the Live Session which is every hour I believe that have 3 rounds. I just started doing them, and it took me a while to finally figured out how it worked. The first 2 or 3 times I was so confused that I just left, and then I figured it out that each round you just do the same whatever as many times as you can. Actually I had the wrong day which was Saturday when I did these 2 events. Up until these 2 the prior events had a lot of players, and I was surprised that I was the only player. I think the other from the 1st one I did was not there for the live session,

There is no such thing as ‘live session’. Please describe exactly what you’re talking about, starting with clarifying what game you’re playing.

It very much sounds like you’re talking about ‘Forzathon Live’ events in Forza Horizon 4. If so, you’re talking about a 4 year old game that could be going EOL any time now, as previous Forza games have only lasted 4 years. Expecting them to make a change this late doesn’t make any sense.