Littlegoose36 NASCAR, IROC, & Others Paints

Hey Folks, I just shared my first paint for this. I did the Nissan Titan WARRIOR. If you want to see it search for LITTLEGOOSE36 on the creator tab, haven’t got around to finguring out how to post pics without using my phone, posting to a photo sharing site, then posting here. I will also be posting and sharing some of my NASCAR and IROC paints. Thanks.

You can follow the directions in this thread to learn how to use Flickr to share photos:

Also, you can take picture in Forza, and they will upload to

Not working for me. I’m probably doing it wrong though.

If you already know how to host pics on a sharing site - rather than use your phone. Take pictures in game, share them - then click on the gallery tab under community on here. You can download your in game pictures from there, host those and post the image tags on here for your designs to show.

Here are a few of my paints.

Titan Warrior PRO-4X

1984 Wrangler Monte Carlo (Daytona)

1989 IROC Daytona (Race #1)

1980 IROC Season (Earnhardt’s 1st IROC Race)

1998 Daytona 500 Winner

1973 Donohue IROC

More to come!

I’d avoid stock fonts as much as possible but some nice stuff in here. I like the Earnhardt I-ROC’s. Keep painting, your off to a good start. I hope to see more! :slight_smile:


Tim Richmond 1986 Folger’s

Dale Earnhardt Jr. 1998 ACDelco