Limited Slip Differential locking not strong enough

When driving cars like the Shelby GT500 and the Rolls, you get a lot of smoke from the inside wheel, despite the fact that both cars have limited slip differentials with a decent percentage on the acceleration setting. This means the limited slip is not working properly and cars that would put down power very well will spin just one wheel while existing a corner. My friend was saying he noticed this on a lot of the other cars in the game as well

My theory is that the increase in lateral (cornering) grip without a significant increase in straight line grip means that the locking feature of the LSDs needs more strength to prevent the inside wheel, or the wheel with the least traction, from receiving almost all the power. I am not sure if there is just a global setting to control differential strength or it would have to be adjusted for every car, but if it could practically be done I think it would have a huge impact on the sense of realism in this game.

Noticed a fair bit of this myself.

2010 Clio RS, without an LSD, very unwieldy, so hard to get the power down and keep it on track. With an LSD, always smoking the inside front tyre the way I would expect an open diff to behave.

FM4 (/sigh yes there it is again) I feel was closer to RL Clio III RS behaviour.