Limit aggression - any effect?

Anyone noticed any difference when changing this setting ? Setting it on in my case seems to have made bugger all of a difference.

Career on Pro.

I have aggression off but Drivatars still had me shouting obscenities at my television. They got to where they were spinning me on lap one over and over such that I restarted each career race maybe around ten times apiece on average, ultimately resulting in me turning rewind back on. In free play I turn rewind back off, though.

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It does tone them down a bit, but not completely. They still hit each other, brake-check you in corners and ram into the back of your car.

They tend to act mostly the same, following the braking line word for word, making suicide dives to try and pass you when it will clearly not work and bumping into each other on slower tighter section. The main different I noticed is when running side by side on straights especially some of the AIs do give you a lot of space to the point where they slow themselves down and on one occasion dived into a tirewall

It’s mainly the first corners I was trying to calm down, and stop them weaving in corners and braking zones, but it made no difference there (well, not noticeable anyway).

I guess it’s a step forward we have the setting, it would be great if it also worked. Maybe FM7 …

On the highest couple of difficulties their stupidity is toned down a bit, but is replaced by their hax0rz which are intended to make the unbeatable just that.

I’ve found that sometimes they can be too prudent in the first corner, or cause a pile up, either/or.

But if you do online with real humans, it’s no different. Perhaps even a lot worse in a few cases. Maybe if the Drivatars are derived from the players so much and players may crash often, would that be a thing making the AI drive poorly?

It’s funny that it was originally designed as a ‘professionalism’ setting while the game was in development. I guess despite their best efforts, Turn 10 couldn’t get the drivatars to drive like professionals :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t noticed much difference with aggression off either.

The AI in Forza 6 seems harder to beat than the comparative level in Forza 5.

I do like how in Forza 6 the AI will move across and block the inside line at a corners to stop you taking them on the inside.
I have never noticed AI do this all that much in any previous Forza games.
They always used to pretty much let you go up the inside without a fight.