Lighting is too bright, colors washed out

Forza Motorsport (2023) overall needs a graphics update/improvement for Xbox Series Consoles, it seems like the game looks unfinished or milky/washed out or looks like a mobile game from what i’ve seen on social media comments.

Forza Motorsport (2023) needs to work/improve of the following:

You don’t like the reflections?

I don’t know what is wrong with this game but no matter what I do everything feels so washed out.
Either it’s reflections are not set correctly or what I cat put my mind to it.
Picture is taken on Xbox series x with performance RT.

It looks absolutely horrible.

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Just to note. I don’t have this issue with horizon at all. Ah everything looks amazing there compare to Motorsport

Troubleshooting hub.

How does it look on just perf mode?

Pretty much the same
I tried to play around performance and RT. But not much difference really other then reflections update quicker or certain reflections missing on performance.

The smoke in the game could be better. It looked better on fh5 my opinion.

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The same here pretty much. The lighting and colors are way off, both in menus and races. Maybe the worst looking racing game I’ve ever played (taken into consideration it’s 2023 and they’ve had years working on it)…

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I see many people blame new FM on being flat compared to previous titles but I understand the desire to make the game look more real and not so saturated and here is my point:

I think game need right WB (now it’s a little red tint all over the image) and a little contrast per color channels. In the middle of green to make the grass and trees pop and a little in the highlights of blue to make skies and highlited areas on cars and environment brighter. Please take a look at this before and after, I know the difference is suddle but it MAKES a huge difference in turms of how the image reads out by people. (I work as retoucher and make color correction professinally)

There is also a link to a PSD file with curves and you can put any of your screens below the curves folder and see for youself. The best thing it makes almost every scenario look better, I’ve tested.

And all the corrections made in curves, no local filters. So it’s easy to implement.


Better open in different tabs and click back and forth

Grass are a blurry mess, on series x 4k all modes. Car interiors need be darker with shadows

all the game is blurry mess. becuase of forced TAA. thats why i cannot play it at all. my eyes are hurt watching the graphics.