Lighthouse FORZATHON Speed Trap

This is really frustrating me. I’ve been trying to obtain the achievement that requires me to win 3 FORZATHONS in row. I’ve spent a collective six hours getting this achievement, and everytime my third FORZATHON spawns, it’s the one with the Lighthouse Speed Trap. Has anyone passed this objective? If so, the game need to fix some server issues, and add more people to an active FORZATHON, because this objective is impossible with only four people. If not, then it heavily needs to be nerfed.

Hi, you can get this achievement very easy, just 10 mins before each live forzathon, go offline (Horizon Solo) and then back online. Usually, no one spend 3 hours in row playing live forzathons.

Is that an exploit to obtain three entire FORZATHONS in a row? I thought those only spawned at the top of every hour?

No, he’s telling you to find a new lobby before the Forzathon Live starts, to make sure you’re not stuck in an old lobby with 10 people in it. You don’t have to go to Solo and back, you can just tell it to find a new lobby.

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