Lexus GS 1997-2005 (Toyota Aristo)

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Lexus GS 1997-2005 (Toyota Aristo)


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2001 Lexus GS 300
3.0 2JZ-GE
5-speed Automatic


It also had the 4.0 v8 1uz-fe vvti


Okay this could warrant an entirely new thread, but I think I’ll just hijack this one… Since the one I want added to the game is a variant of the standard. If this is supposed to have a separate thread for this version (likely), please just create that thread :slight_smile: and move my post there. The one I am talking about, is the VA300 TOM’s G.

TOM’s company history

VA300 TOMs

200 limited edition complete vehicles labeled VA300 TOM’s, are produced for Toyota’s Vista dealerships.

These are mythical beasts, but you can actually buy them still, there’s some out there. They are complete TOM’s cars. This would be awesome to have in the game!! Since it’s a production model and not just a 1-off custom car it’s even more valid for this to exist in Forza Horizon 5!!!


First appeared in August 1998. “TOM’S Aristo” is based on the Vertex Edition equipped with a sporty interior and exterior such as a black interior set for the high-end model V300. Fine-tuned, the maximum output is over 360ps and the maximum torque is 49.0kg-m. A sports suspension equipped with a coin damper unit was also installed.
The second appearance was “VA300 TOM’S” in December 2000. The aero parts have a modest design, but the functionality such as aerodynamics has been improved accordingly. The interior parts also enhance the sense of luxury. The maximum output remains at 330ps, but the acceleration is still explosive. By removing the electronically controlled 4WS, the marginal operability and stability have been improved.
In August 2002, “V300 TOM’S version” and “VA300 TOM’S G” appeared. The price of the vehicle itself when new is 5.55 million yen, and basically the only difference is the badge and the dealer. Further improved aero parts (radiator grille, aero bumper, etc.) are installed. The wheels are also exclusive, with forged magnesium wheels that were used in F1 at the time.
The maximum output is still +50ps (330ps) from the dedicated ECU and stainless steel exhaust system, but the torque characteristics and accelerator response in the low and medium speed range have been enhanced. Achieves low fuel consumption and increased output in the high-speed range. Newly developed suspension and body rigidity improvement parts are adopted, and the brake capacity is also increased.

VA300 TOMs G

VA300 TOMs G

VA300 TOMs Speedometer


So my request from this world would be a 2004 Toyota Aristo VA300 TOM’s G for maximum pleasure. You will make me a very happy person if I could play this in the game.


If you think that, why not suggest it as one?

My logic being that it is slow to get a new topic added, I am still foaming at the mouth waiting for a Space Gear thread and if you see the Pajero thread, it is completely overrun with people asking for the Evolution version of the Pajero, and it is even farther away from the stock Pajero than the TOM’S Aristo is from a stock one.

If it’s just a modified version of a car, I see it as valid to post in the threads that exist… Saves forum clutter and helps focus the votes in one place. But hey, I’m new around here, the mods can just make a thread for it and move my post there! :slight_smile: But hey, I’m new here, what do I know! :upside_down_face:

(lol just as I did the exact same thing in the Altezza thread, your timing is impeccable)

sigh… I am trying to apply logic and reasoning into all of my posts, and trying to figure out this forum’s etiquette and weighing the actual purpose of the threads—to get the cars into Forza—to make my post placement most ideal.

Let’s look at the Altezza:

Toyota Altezza RS200 2004-2005 - 446 votes as of this writing

Now, that’s an RS200 version, although people are asking for the Lexus version…

2nd most popular thread:

Lexus IS 1998-2005 (Toyota Altezza) – 257 votes as of this writing

Pretty much the same car, and the most logical thread, but someone even said:

…pointing people to the more popular thread.

there is also:

Toyota Altezza 2000-2003 - 115 votes as of this writing

This thread has a lot of votes but zero pictures and not too much fandom at the moment.

and then there is:

Toyota Altezza 1998-2000 - 67 votes as of this writing

…this thread seems most logical for posting in, for a 1999 limited edition Altezza, but honestly it is like a graveyard that doesn’t need to exist. You could literally crunch all of these Altezza and IS200 threads down into one single thread and it would be more effective and clean overall for the forum. I don’t think we need another Aristo thread as it wouldn’t gain any traction and we would just split the community because most people don’t even know that Aristo version exists at all. I know about a LOT of special editions of cars and I will just post in the most logical threads I can think of. Japan has a way about making super rare limited runs of cars and I don’t think we need the clutter around here of all of them. I will make a Pajero Mini thread suggestion (as that is a completely separate vehicle about half the size), but I don’t also think we need a another separate Pajero Mini Snoopy Edition thread, as badly as I may want it.

Sounds like we need an Altezza in the game though!!! That’s a lot of votes across a lot of threads! I don’t have a lot of hope for an Aristo in the game but I need somewhere to put my thoughts and information, so Forza forums it is. I am proud of the Altezza love.

Yeah I mean like Lexus IS 300/200, toyota Altezza RS200/AS 200, lexus IS 400, they are both the same car but different engine, for some reason, ppl or managers in this community just separates them to different thread to vote. Idk why they doing it but we can just swap engine in the game to made the best/favoriate version we expected to see in the game. Just like Toyota Aristo and Lexus GS 300 was basically the same car but again they separate it to different car. Be honestly the best solution was combined them to an same thread so more people can vote for those cars and leave an comment in the section to suggest different engine or other stuff should be provided in the game.

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Seems like someone already made a request to merge the threads awhile ago.

Saves me some typing! :slight_smile:

2000 Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex Edition


image|666x500 image

Hopefully they’d add the Vertex Kit and Serial Nine BREED fenders.
Preferably usable together.


PLS add only Aristo, Aristo have 2JZ-GTE in stock