Less focus on raytracing and put development effort and processing power elsewhere

Keen to see what the split is between people who are looking forward to the raytracing element, vs those who don’t consider it important over developing other features and use of processing power.

Keep it friendly, I’m personally more interested in better car dynamics (tyre sampling rates, physics) and FPS than raytracing during races (photo mode is another thing of course!).

Warning to only thumbs up if you’re agreeing with the subject.

I think it was PC2 that have setting Optimize for Visual or Performance or similar.
I think that is a good idea.

I’m not worried about performance part, think they got that covered improving tire model quite a bit. And almost promising 4k 60 fps still.

I think it was DR2 that had a setting 4k Mode On/Off that is also an option I would like to see. Even having 4k 55" screen at 2m I don’t think 4k is a must. In DR2 it meant crashes stopped for one.