Lego's AH and Car issue

I have just submitted a ticket about it, but in case someone here can help me, I appreciate.

I have LEGO expansion installed, and I can travel to Lego valley normally, but I cannot search or sell Lego cars at the Auction house, neither delete a Lego car (Porsche) from my garage, the option simply isn’t there and the make “Lego Speed Champions” is not at the AH for me.

I don’t like Lego in the game and I bought the Lego Porsche in the Auction house a while back just to test it as I like Porsches, but now I want it gone from my garage as it’s full and I just can’t get rid of it, because I can’t delete or auction it.

Please help, this is annoying.

The Lego cars don’t seem to be an option in the auction house anymore since the last release. They did the same with PO cars previously.

Oh, so it was on purpose? You can’t search or remove them as well?

Damn, all I wanted was to remove the car from my garage lol

I noticed this also. Bought a 2nd LEGO Senna a week ago, and now I can’t sell it or anything.

Same problem for me, can’t get rid of the LEGO cars.

It seems disabling Auction House listings is by design, though it was an undocumented change in the Series 14 update. I don’t know why that is the case but it seems intentional.

Not removing them from your garage, that’s also by design as rare cars (Barn Finds mainly) cannot be removed, only Auctioned. It’s to stop people accidentally removing their only chance to get a car (outside of Auctions)

the forced button mapping on wheels makes the game unplayable with a wheel if your wheel does not have enough buttons is there any work around for this?