Legacy Horizon Troubleshooting - README

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Official Support

Legacy titles are games that are no longer in production and are no longer being supported. As a result of this status and the age of these titles, players may find some features unavailable, including online or server-related features. The Forza team is not tracking any new issues for Forza Horizon legacy titles (FH1, FH2, FH3).

  • Forza Support continues to take tickets for Lost Saves, Invalid Profile errors, and game crashes. Report these at Forza Support instead of the Troubleshooting Hub.
  • For any DLC ownership or game reinstall issues, players should contact Xbox Support.
  • Forza Support has articles directly related to Legacy Titles including Won’t Fix issues lists and other FAQs.
  • Enforcement issues are not open for discussion on the forums. See Forza Support for Ban History.

Community Workarounds

This section is open for players to communicate workarounds. Use the forums Search to find existing topics before opening a new topic.

  • Posting your basic platform setup is helpful but be sure not to post any data that includes personal details about your IP address, email, etc.
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