Left out in league race 4 tiimes in a row, 4 different lobbies

So what gives? I dont understand, i have checked the car restriction page and i am within that spec (heck it even looks like they reset it to stock form).

I choose a Mini in Hot Hatch event, lobby filled up to 20 people. Race starts and i am getting left out, and what i see from driver info page only 4 people got into the race. One of them was in the same exact car i was in. When the message appeared that i need to choose a new car, i did and it did not help.

Feels broken…

That happens to me about half the time when playing multiplayer. My solution was: stop trying to play multiplayer. I haven’t tried since the first week because it was so frustrating.

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Turn 10’s Twitter page says to fix this issue, hard reset your console. I did that now it’s working Properly.

I gave it a try, seems to be working now. Also the PI for certain cars are now different than on my first try. Seems like something went wrong at the start of the leagues.

Happened to me in the 1st lobby I went into, realised it was from me switching tunes.

Well unfortunately a new problem arised, similar to the one that happened in the very first event of the day.

Instead of being left out, the game now loads but im looking at a black screen and cannot do anything. Got no other option that to force close the game. Some friends have the same issue. Restarting the game did not help either, when i freshly restarted my pc and the game…the very first lobby i joined had the same problem.

Basically everything is fine until it loads on the track intro transition just before you start the race, it stops before showing your car and starts countdown. Not all the time, but frequent enough to be annoying.

I’ve had the black screen too. But for me, if I just wait it kicks me out of the lobby.

I had this several times last night…ready for the race…says starting…then “race in progress” and I am left out with a black screen. So I restarted. Happened again. The next time I actually got into a League race, my level had been dropped down! I actually lost points each time this happened, like I crashed out or something! Nice…NOT!!!

On Xbox One X here and have the same problem at the same point. Just before reaching the grid the screen goes black. I usually then get a message that I have been removed for inactivity despite no option to join the race. I perhaps make one in ten attempts at a race, this all despite not running eco mode and having clean restart before each session.

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