Left in lobby when race starts in Public Hoppers?

Hello fellow Forza players,

I’ve been wanting to get some hopper racing online, and in both RWD Drifting lobbies and in B Class hoppers, I find that I get into a lobby, pick my car and all that jazz, wait for the current race to finish before the intermission countdown. It goes to zero, all other players go to the race and I’m left in the lobby, which is a) annoying and b) a waste of time.

Now, I’ve been trying hovering over different areas, having the lobby info set to both of the two options and I still am left there. I’m guessing it’s something highly stupid, completely obvious but it’s like being in a custom lobby and you don’t ready up.

Thanks in advance, AMG 568.

May I add that at this time, I have sat through six B Class hopper races, trying to get in to drive my Beemer M3 E36. I’m bored now so leaving.