Leave a garage from Forzavista mode is not possible

Hello guys,

I would like ask you if you have same issue as me. There is a problem in situation when you seat in your car then push car start button and in this moment part of animation will start playing but after cca 2 seconds game will return you back to cockpit. So at present I can not leave a garage this way. I found this problem cca 14 days ago.

I’m not sure I understand what the problem is. Are you saying you can’t leave the garage after starting the car in ForzaVista? If so, I believe it’s always been that way. You can exit the garage with the same animation by pressing A or B from the menu after starting the game up the first time(Atleast in FH3 it allowed this), but I don’t recall every being able to drive out of ForzaVista. I could be wrong tho.

You are right, pressing B after car choise move you into game world and I can use it. I just wanted to point on this issue and asked if there are some other players with Forzavista problem too. :slight_smile:

There is an option from within Forzavista to drive the car.
It shows up when you are sitting in the driver’s seat and look out the windshield.

You are right. There is an icon when you are looking throught windshield. Thank you.

Hm. I’ll have to look. Like I said, FH3 pops you in the world on startup by pressing A, but I haven’t noticed it in FH4 yet. Interesting.

While sitting inside a car in Forzavista, there is one pin to start the engine and another - usually placed above the steering wheel, to drive out of the garage.