Least favorite race type?

Anyone else have a race type that they just can not beat? For me it is cross country races. I can’t remember the last time I lost a sprint, circuit, street, hill climb, etc. but for the life of me I just can not beat cross country races. I just have to bank on winning the other races in the championship and doing well enough in the cross country to win the overall. So what’s the type of race you have trouble with, or what’s your least favorite race type on the game?

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Cross country is definitely the most difficult. I don’t dislike them but my cars are generally tuned for either road racing or storm island rally. So when playing mainland online I can lose a cross country event just by hitting a bump at the wrong angle. I also almost always use rwd except for s2 class which adds to the difficulty. However I do really enjoy the variety and technical difficulty these races bring. Cross country races are a blast on storm island though where my cars are actually set up for them

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Yeah, that’s the main reason I lose. I just don’t blther tuning or changing my car. Whatever car I used in the rest of the series I use in the cross country. They are insanely fun to do though. I’ve got the 79 Camaro tuned and upgraded to a 994 car and the thing absolutely flies and somehow sticks to the ground and doesn’t spin when hammering on the accelrator and that car flying through the countryside is a blast.

Cross Country. I loathe it, especially because I love driving vintage hotrods and 2 out of every 4 hotrod races are forced Cross Country. I don’t like the feel. It’s too novel to be such a forced and big part of the game. If they were more diverse and only used with off road type vehicles, fine. But, to force 50% of all races in my Cuda to CC, it makes no sense and got old by like the second time. Since I’ve beat the game, I skip them.

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Cross country,but the trick is you don’t just go balls out on cross country,it takes a little control,not so much speed to win.

As far as dififculty goes I find them all the same.

As far as whether I like them or not it is more a track by track thing than event type.

Playground games. I’m not bad at them (I won my last few games of King), but they feel like something you’d do in GTA, not Forza (I confess, I love GTA, but I still stand by this statement).

TBH I think “playground games” should be real-world “oddball” motorsports: stuff like tractor pulls, monster trucks, big rig circuit racing, figure-8 with caravan trailers, and so-on. Fun, silly events featuring unique vehicles you’d only drive during that event.

Oh, and NOT MANDATORY. Not everyone would enjoy lawnmower drag racing, or dump-truck drift.

Anyway, that’s enough time spent in Wishlistia, my visa has expired.

Carry on.

For me it’s the cross-countries, your car constantly flips it’s annoying and makes you lose.

My least favorite game type is the playground games only because I prefer racing.

I haven’t really played online so I’m not familiar with the playground games but it is good to see I’m not the only one with a dislike for the cross country races. Still a minor flaw in an otherwise fantastic game though.

Cross country & PG games are my least favourite. Street races & circuit ones are the ones which I like

I can’t hate Cross-Country like I love Playground Games, because it was the only I did on the original Horizon, as well as the only one in Horizon 2. It is also the reason I bought Horizon 2 on the Xbox 360 after the Xbox One version, considering the lack of King & Infected players and lobbies on Xbox One.

Funny how most say CC races mine is the same but for different reasons.
My eyesight is not that great and altho I can handle the routes I can’t always see the gates and end up going way of track :)).
Have managed to win a few races though.
Not sorry to see them in the game all adds to the fun.

My eyes are fine and I even have a difficult time seeing the checkpoints sometimes during the CC events.

Same here. I see really well but sometimes those things will be at an incredibly odd angle coming out of the last checkpoint or they’ll be hidden in a patch of trees or something and you just can not see them. There’s a lot of quick-checking the mini map for me during those races.

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I can see very well, but it seems it is not enough to know where are the stupid checkpoints.

About the mini-map: for some reason, it isn’t very accurate and doesn’t show the exact route. As an example, it will show a straight line but you have to turn; the opposite happens also a lot.

Cross Country.

For the record, I like they are included in the game but they seem to be a little too prevalent.