Hello guys! Im always racing at leagues but lately im having a problem like you all know they give you money for the first race of the day and the first podium wich wich reset daily? The problem is when i win a race in top 3( wich the podium is 1 to 3) im only receiving the 20k for the first race not the 50k for podium i even move up in the band and got another 100k but not the podium prize been having that trouble this whole week

When you are not receiving podium prize, for making the podium, did you finish race before time ran out?

That’s the only time I’ve never received podium prize,

Lmao i was the first in finishing it since i won the race (1st placer, other i enden 3rd and 2nd of 12 people
My current band is professional rank 2

League rewards have always been glitchy. They reset at 7 pm my time and if I do some races at say 5 pm and get the rewards, when they reset at 7 pm I can never get them again the same night. I haven’t pin pointed it yet but it’s something like I can’t win them 2 times in a 12 hour period or something funny like that. Sometimes I will get the $50k for first podium but not the $20k for first race, explain that. I mean I HAVE to do a first race to get a podium. lol I don’t get it.

And then sometimes, like last night, I haven’t raced in a few days. Won some races last night and didn’t get any rewards

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You couldnt describe it better i enter it daily to earn the rewards and like you say sometimes i the 50k but not 20k and so on… is there a way we can report it cause its very annoying and money is hard to earn when you dont have vip 2x

You can report it by e-mail here forzafb@microsoft.com

Thanks ill send that issue to them