League Daily Rewards

First day I played Leagues was Tuesday or Wednesday. I have played it now with today (sunday) for 5 days in a row and didn’t got they Daily rewards on Wednesday, Friday and today. This is unacceptable and the very bad communication (informing customers around this and the Forzathon that is broken)

Had the rewards reset? You can’t play in evening, for example, get reward, then play again first thing in the morning next day and expect to get rewards, because it wouldn’t have reset yet.


Yes, I know where I’m talking about I have done myself Web/Game Design. The Daily rewards are white and if you got them for that day they turn blue

K well rewards are working for me.

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Are maybe in connection with the still existing disconnects.

Further that you don’t have it doesn’t mean that it not exist. The fact that people lose their savegame is also only a certain group and not everyone.

Dear DBB Klikopedia,
Don’t you receive your CR20k for your first race an the CR50k for the first podium? I run everyday and receive these rewards everytime I reach the targets.
Are you talking about these rewards, right?

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Your problem is easy explained…despite calling it daily reward and putting a fancy reset timer in the leagues screen the timer has no effect on the reset. The reason is that getting the reward will trigger a personal 24h cooldown on the rewards. So you will have to drive always at the same time or a bit later then the day before in order to get them…really ridicolous.

so an issue with the game that needs to be fixed by T10. Cause what is the use of reset timer and the turning blue and again back white, if it has no use at all.

And like said in my second comment, this can be in combination with also the disconnect issue that exist(ed).