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[Mod edit - WSD - Moderation enforcement]

I will continue the discussion on this thread with everyone else in this thread once I resolve a wee issue. Looking forward to getting back on topic with you all.

Despite the continued warnings, you continue to argue and post sarcastic remarks. Take the time to reflect on whether you can be a positive contributor to this forum.

You banned a member you disagreed with? In his own thread, which you mocked?


How can you tell if someone is banned/suspended?
On old forum there was info under name, but here I can’t find any info.

From what I got their name won’t show up if you use the “@name” feature in a post and you also can’t PM them for the duration of the ban.

[Mod edit - WSD - Moderation and enforcement is NOT a subject allowed on these forums, if the referenced poster has an issue with the enforcement of the policies they are more than welcome to appeal any decision via the appropriate channels. I should point out though that I believe the mountain of evidence supplied along with the previous warnings and their continued behavior will mean the decision will stand]

You CAN PM someone if they have been put in a “time out”. I have proof of that. I doubt any perma-bans have been handed out.

Time out was suggested to consider. On other boards that’s euphemism. Don’t know if actual issue, but edits continue.
Funny, I looked in here to see progress, as it’s longstanding concern since fh3-4. Saw this train wreck in near real-time.
Everyone has a bad day, I guess. But seething disdain suboptimal with a bunch of serious players. Especially since it’s a more constructive post.
Gotta go do my chores now. Good luck.

[Mod edit - WSD - Moderation and enforcement is NOT a subject allowed on these forums]

Thanks for making an excellent example.

makes use of the personal reply button to say they dont need to reply personally