LeaderBoard times and not their setups. Posting a tune's creator.

I’m sure this has occurred to some of you tuners out there that sell your setups. Cause when it comes to leaderboard times it’s all in the setup and I’m sure you’d like to know.

ummmmm what?

I doubt it’s ALL in the set up. If you gave me a leaderboard car, the exact one driven, I don’t think I’d hit that time yet. For sure. I am doing better on some tracks than others. Like one track I’ve hit the top 4% with one of my cars. But there’s TONS of people way faster than I am despite that fact.

I’m not saying that the right tune and car don’t make a difference. It’s obvious there are patterns. But I think it’s a generalization to say it’s ALL tuning.

I would like to know if someone got a better time than I with my setup and see what they had done differently.

Post a tune and pick a track. Let me know what assists and ill let you know. Also can give u pointers just shoot me a friend request and send a message so I dont forget to follow u too.

You go to the Leaderboards and watch the replays of the ones that are available.

Sometimes a Leaderboard racer will post a tune on the Storefront. You can watch their replay 1st to see if you want to try their Tune.

It’s always good to find a coach. But not necessarily easy to find. I have one guy that gives me tips and it definitely has made me faster. People suggest racing ghosts to see their line. I’m not really sure how you “pick” a ghost of someone though.