Leader boards VIP only?

I was looking through the leader boards just now and 99% have VIP status, so how come theres a few guys names in there with no VIP status ?

Considering the only players should be VIP atm ?

Anyone playing the game right now has the Ultimate Edition, and it comes with VIP status.


Times could have been set before VIP was activated.

…now that I remember there were some players that the VIP status was not updating. Also some players are game sharing and VIP is not showing up for the person that did not purchase the game.

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Developers or testers/friends.

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Friends perhaps. Turn 10 employees get a turn 10 icon next to their name instead of a crown.

IM an idiot and haven’t played Forza for the past 2 years, but where do I access the leaderboards? I like to see what cars to use per class online

go into rivals

Since everybody that’s playing right now bought the ultimate package or they wouldn’t have gotten early release they should all have VIP. But I noticed people on the leaderboard some of them are missing the crown. Does that mean they basically just haven’t downloaded the VIP add on yet? Kind of interesting as they’re often the guys at the top, and I find that kind of curious that the fastest racers don’t care about getting their VIP.

This is why we have a search function :wink:


Yeah sorry about that repost. Using the search on my phone it’s a little hard to navigate and I didn’t see it on the first few pages of posts