Launch error 0x64

This error is (0x64)
This problem is when I launching the forzahorizon 5

Please help me:((

Is that the full error code?

PS. Windows or console? Steam or MS Store if PC?

Code: (0x64)
Windows 10-Microsoft store

IIRC, that’s something wrong with your registry, something is corrupted, needs repairing.

How can I do it myself?

That is, what can be done in such cases?


No it didn’t help

So it drops when you try to start the game up, no loading screens, nothing?

Uninstall, do the repair mentioned, reinstall.

I reinstalled 2 times

Yes, but without the repair the registry corruption is still there. And when the corruption looks “normal” to SFC and DISM because of the game, the repair won’t work until the game is removed.

In fact, if on Game Pass then the problem could be with that app. If not we’re looking at “Gaming Services” going sideways. Can be MS Store. Have another one for you to try:-

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and now the game just opens and closes
no error

That’s an issue many are having, it drops with no error on screen and none in the Windows Logs, it’ll work SOMETIMES, and that is after the screen you put up, when it has changed to the “smaller” screen.

Had the same, and when watching apps and background processes in Task Manager the “big” splash screen is when the game checks for updates, then the small screen appears and that is when the DRM checks kick in. IF it gets past that then you log into the network. I, for some unknown reason, the DRM check fails then the game drops before you get as far as logging into the network.

No idea what the fix is, it’s one of the reasons I took the game off my PC completely.

Then I will delete this game altogether
I’ve been having these problems for 3-4 months and I haven’t been able to find a solution
Yes, thank you very much

“Thank you for taking the time for me”

No problem, at least you have the Gaming Services, etc, sorted out and that’s important. Hopefully a future update will sort out the issue too many are having at the point before the game connects through the firewall.

Always happy to help people though

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hoje. 02/07/2023 fui iniciar o forza apos mais de 6 meses sem jogar ele no pc, apenas no xbox, e esta me apresentando esse mesmo erro ao abrir o game no pc, alguem conseguil resolver isso?

English, please, and see above because it’s a Windows issue.

I have the same problem :confused:

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