Latest update to 588.95.0


Aorus B550 motherboard
Ryzen 5 3600
32Gb Ram
RX 6650XT Mech 8Gb
Over 8Tb storage across NVME and “traditional” hard drives, XBox games all on PCIe 3 NVME
Total AV security and not Windows Defender

Recently, as you may have seen elsewhere, investigations have led to excessively long load times being linked to malware checks from the second you start the game. Every time something was done, every process looked to be being scanned as it pre-loaded. “More than annoying” doesn’t begin to describe it, as it would do an on demand real time scan even when you had that OFF, and that’s a deal breaker to me as they were overriding any settings I made without my say-so.

Someone seems to have been listening to those of us finding that, for the latest update has slashed that overbearing interference and load times, on my PC with protection on as it should be anyway, but with the Xboxgames folder on the whitelist, have shortened by a very considerable margin, reversing the mess they made with the update that went with the Rally Expansion which created the problem in the first case.

That’s provided you take the easy way and put the entire XBoxgames folder into whitelist for real-time protection, or load times start going through the roof again as every single little file and process, despite being declared “clean” and no PUP or other software present on the system, goes through a full scan for what I can only assume is a vain and hopeless attempt to try and stop a minority from cheating, in a manner akin to using a piledriver to crack a peanut shell.

We should not be having to go through this rigmarole just to make a modern game load faster than turboload on a C64

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Bruh, Windows PCs haven’t required 3rd party Anti-Virus protection for about 8 years now. It’s built into Windows shell and part of your Windows Real-Time Protection facility.

Wipe that God-awful pop-up ridden bloatware off your system and use the built-in Windows protection. It’s just glorified Malware that sits on your drive, hogging your resources and bugs the crap out of you at every turn.

This really has nothing to do with Forza mate. You really should be posting this on r/antivirus and they’ll tell you the exact the same thing.


IF you had followed things, Windows Defender does the same. You turn off third-party real-time protection and Defender automatically takes over. All that changes is a different process carries out the malware test, and whitelisting through the firewall is easy, whitelisting from malware checks is not so easy.

Also, I’m not stupid enough to use Norton, Avast, or anything like that, there are no popups. You only show how little you actually know as the SAME THING happens irrespective of what security software you use and what your settings are. Now, why would you do an anti-malware scan on a system declared clean by both Defender and highly rated software that is not a resource hog and has been shown not to interfere with ads and popups like others.

Oh, and please be offended with this too, for you obviously do not understand that while Defender is more capable now, it is by no means remotely the best out there in many respects.