Late to the party, FM5 is a big let down(yeah I know old news)

Give them some time, I’m certain T10 will pull everything together and bring us the things we want in their next game. Console jump is big, especially when today’s graphical standards for games are so insanely high, much more resources and time needed to went into that than what they used to, especially now they need to redo most things, and not to mention how limited time T10 have when developing FM5. It’s not like T10 can work on it forever like what Polyphony did, which was even more terrible.

Honestly, even though they lost so many little details, the game itself is still very decent, and hard to find any true competitors, as no one is as all-rounded as Forza. You either get something really focus that could defeat Forza in certain area, but lacks everything else, or you get nothing at all. Forza simply covers a lot more areas that many other competitors lacks, now they just need to start polishing.

So do we have a wishlist-thread already for FM6? Didn’t find one. I’m sure we got plenty of good ideas.

I only purchased FM5 three weeks ago although I have played the franchise since FM2.

What I enjoy the most about FM5 is the physics are just superb and I sincerely hope Turn 10 keep these the same for FM6. What annoys me the most about FM5 isn’t the lack of tracks, leaderboards, production hopper but the DLC. I find Turn 10 trying to charge me for cars that I used freely on FM2 is them taking the mickey.

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is it not simply a matter of priority. There was limited time to get this, and every other, XB1 title ready for launch day. The software and hardware specs changed right up to a couple of months before the hardware was due to ship. The game is the first to feature laser modelling of tracks and cars and for the first time the cloud is integral. As a racing sim it’s the best yet in terms of behaviour and feel and track wise although we’re down on quantity the quality is way up. 200 + cars with all of the permutations of class, upgrade and tune is more than enough.

Despite this, all I read are moaning posts about how rubbish the game is and what features are missing. TBH these missing features are superfluous anyway. Why does a racing game need an auction house, who buys a game like Forza to primarily “sell” paint jobs and who buys a game like Forza to primarily buy them. If we’re really looking for a sim other people’s tunes and liveries would not be available to us and we’d all have to make our own - or is that too real world.

I also note that there are a few here who appear to look for any and every opportunity to leap onto a thread with negative comments. What’s the point? Microsoft and T10 want to produce the best product they can, sell as many copys as possible and all being well have millions of people eagerly waiting for the next release. Last November they gave us their best shot - FM5. If you really don’t like it then vote with your feet - don’t spend two years writing complaints.

Anyway, the biggest problem with FM5 is that it was commercially too successful. Far too many idiots got the game and they now outnumber the keen drivers. As a result the “intelligent” AI isn’t, and multiplayer is overrun by pre-school kids and cretins.

So, in an ideal world I hope T10 strip out even more features for FM6 and launch the game with 44 cars, no paint shop, no possibility of downloading tunes, a couple of extra tracks beautifully recreated and that the game is a commercial dud with only a half a million copys all purchased by true driving fans.

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Turn 10 has stated before that the negative feedback is as valuable as positive. They want to know what we like and don’t like. Everyone sitting around singing Kumbaya and roasting marshmallows doesn’t help them to know what we do and don’t want to see. Given your post outlining what you want changed in the game, I’m sure you understand this. So hopefully, your ‘complaint’ as well as the OP’s and everyone else’s is receiving a hearing ear. You have your opinion, I have mine, he has his. Each of us is entitled to state it without being criticized for doing so. This is a public opinion forum after all.


i only just bought and xbox and f5 recently as i didnt want to pay $600 and $60 for them

now forza 5… where do we start… one year down the track and the game is largely dead…this was certainly NOT the case with Forza 4… that game just hit its stride

Forza 4 had a huge following in many non gaming forums because it was just that popular! Forza 5 not so much…

The worst thing about Forza 5 is that the things it gets, right it gets very right but the stuff it gets wrong it get very very wrong and the problem is it gets compared to Forza 4 which was a phenomenon.

And thats one thing I find disappointing in these threads. People point out its the best sim of this generation and that compared other driving games, its better. Well that says a lot about the low quality of this generation one year in.

We come from Forza 4, not from lesser games from companies like Ubisft and Sny.

The things that disappoint me about Forza 5 are actually so bad I couldnt help but laugh and stare at the screen and wonder how they came to these decisions.

Why is there no ability to see telemetry in replays? (please tell me if you can)

Why do they repeat the tracks in the league series? (ok theres a dozen races but you make me run the track twice? why? I laugh at the woman’s bored voice when she says ‘Again we go to Yas Marina…’)

Why did they make the Gold Medal for anyone in the top 3 and Silver to the 4th to 7th? Why did they not make the option to permanently remove the rewind? Why is there only the ability to save 10 replays? Are we running out of space on our 500Gb already?

Why did they effectively halve the bonuses for turning off all the driving aids?

I know why. This game rewards mediocrity and punishes those who can drive.

And yet this game feels schizophrenic - I get told I did a ‘good pass’, ‘perfect draft’ and punished for dirty laps and yet I get a gold for coming 3rd? Kids these days get ‘participation medals’ for coming last and I expect this to be the case in Forza 6.

I can take the DLC and the microtransactions and ‘Press Y to cheat with real cash’ because we are used to that kind of commericialism in 2014 and hey, this is Microsoft isnt it but the heavy casualisation of what is supposed to be a ‘hardcore premiere simulator’ makes me laugh and cry at what this has become.

I paid $20 for this game. I paid $40 for Forza 4 in 2011. I think that’s about right.

Now Horizon 2. That’s how its done.

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Also I find very disgusting the attitude that “Oh this is racing game, why do you need an auction house?”

I never used it, never cared for it but it makes thousands of people happy so I’d want these people to enjoy it. Why wouldnt I? I dont expect people to enjoy the same things I do but if they like it, it should be there.

oh yeah, the music sucks

ok its hard because Netsky in the last one and the Forza 3 soundtracks were pretty damn industry standard setting but why did they go with a No Frills Hans Zimmer wannabee and more to point, the dour and slightly ominous/overly dramatic tone just doesnt suit the game

turn that off in menu and racing, i dont want that while I’m driving

maybe theres an option to import the F3/F4 mp3 music into F5?

that would actually be pretty epic


Its actually 6 new tracks with lots of different layouts but i dont care for yas,spa as there a corner cutters paradise and long beach is ok but not amazing but all are technically superior than mapple valley on F2 in everyway. The only challenging corner was turn 2 kink. Bernese and prague are similar but miles better.

I suppose you could also include silverstone as 5 has the re designed track not included in 4 although the new layout was in existence when 4 launched.

Perhaps you slightly misunderstood my comment. I have absolutely no issue with feedback and critique be it negative or otherwise. I’ve made a few critical comments myself elsewhere on the forum, however, if you read through many of the threads you’ll notice that there are a number of people who constantly regurgitate the same old moans. Hey! once is enough.

Sure, this and every other game I’ve ever purchased has things that I’d like to have seen done differently. But there’s also a lot of good stuff worthy of praise. Simply lambasting the game, Turn 10 and Microsoft endlessly is largely futile and makes for a damn tedious forum.

As for my “complaint” LOL, I really have no idea how T10, or anyone else for that matter, can improve the behaviour of people. Driving games more than any other genre rely on players following rules of etiquette in order function properly but for whatever reason FM5 is suffering really badly online. This isn’t a product fault - it’s a player problem.

Anyway, it’s been the case thus far that the second release on a new platform has been far richer in content than the first. 2 offered much more than 1 on the original XB, 4 was a BIG step forward from 3 on 360 so I think it’s reasonably safe to assume that 6 will do likewise.

forza 2 was on the 360…

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Since we don’t know how many threads Turn 10 reads or, should I say, which threads they read, repeating the same complaint in different threads may actually be a prudent way of assuring that your opinion is seen… Unfortunately there’s no T10 read receipt on forum messages lol

But here is where we agree… there are a few things about the game that are so praise worthy that you can’t say enough about it. I find myself going back to the game just to take in the graphics, both in and out of races. Might sound silly but I love downloading new paint jobs and looking at them on my cars in ForzaVista. Often I turn the game on just to do that.

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I have been playing Forza since F2. I have been playing online since F4. I agree there are important things missing, but remember this was a launch title. Over all F5 is still better than any other Sim racing game out there. I have logged 1000 hours and I am almost level 3000 so I have definitely not got bored with the game apparently. I love doing hot laps on the leaderboards(rivals) and the racing on line is what it has always been, you get rookies veterans and legends to race against. You see somebody get a fast time with a certain car, and you go try to tune the same car it’s a challenge. There are definitely things to improve on, but it is still worth my time. I am just going to hope T 10 has heard all the complaints and will do something about it in F6. So I will just be patient for the release of F6 meanwhile I will still play F5

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I play Forza for the circuit racing. I am not into drifting or drag racing or even seriously painting. If you are a diehard circuit racer then you can continuously keep trying to improve your best lap times in every car class on every circuit. That alone keeps me very involved in the game. Every thing else is just an added benefit

I own FM5 and FH2. I think of them almost as one game. FM5 for when i want to do circuit racing and collect my Ferraris :slight_smile: and FH2 is the open world race party surrounding the circuit races i do in FM5. The Forza Hub app helps alot with the immersion factor if you think of it like this.

I do agree that FM5 feels unfinished. A couple more tracks would have been nice. Even old ones.

FM6 needs to be stellar. More tracks. More cars. More of everything. Lets hope for an announcement soon.

I have all the Forza Motorsports and Horizons. My favorite Motorsport is number 3 but 4 is close. I go back and play 3 often. I really like the career mode in 3 and 4. The career mode in version 5 needs a lot of work. (I’m being polite.) I am amazed someone likes it. That being said, I love the way the cars behave in 5. Since I bought a wheel for the Xbox One and figured out how to tune the cars for the wheel, I am very impressed with the physics. It’s really beginning to feel like I’m driving the cars.

What does Forza 6 need? It needs a career mode that will keep you coming back. To me, that is the biggest problem. It will need other things, like more tracks, weather, night driving, better menus, and a few other things. It was the career mode that kept me coming back to 3. The career in Horizon kept me coming back. I am a little over half way done with the career in Horizon 2. I’m going to keep going until I complete them all.

I didn’t go back to 3 after 4 came out, but I have truly missed a lot of the more interesting engine swaps from FM3.

I think I may have to load it up again :slight_smile:

Ordered Forza 5 yesterday. Was a massive Forza 3 and 4 fan and so hoping that 5 has something good to offer.

Craig1405 Graphics aside you made a mistake. go back to Forza 3 & 4 and stay away. Stay far away. I bought the xbox one for this game and I am telling you it was a mistake.

That is not true. If you bought a Xbox one solely for FM5 then I could agree it probably is not worth it. But FM5 still has a lot of good things about it. SPA for instance for me has been worth it, I have run so many laps there in Rivals and still not don with it. The driving physics are better its just the functionality of the menus and what not that really suck. I never play single player so I cant speak to that. If you already own the Xbox one it is worth a go.