Las Vegas Street Circuit

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Las Vegas Street Circuit

This street circuit is a real world location in the USA used for the 2023 Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Street courses are always a blast, I cannot wait for the F1 race this fall and think this track would be gorgeous in Forza!

T10 could be proactive here and get this pig in their game fairly early. Beat the competition. Get it done.



What an amazing drawing XD

It even has some attention to detail. Look at the lead car spinning out due to aero wash on the straight between corner 16-17.

I wouldn’t want to race around a circuit that attacks the cars, in a game where going around a corner and straight after it is impossible properly to start with

Turn on TC and/or be smooth with your inputs

The sphere screen looks so funny, they should try to add this track to the game but I think EA codemasters have some exclusivity rights with F1 and it’s the only series that races on this track so it’s looking highly unlikely for this track to be featured in this game.
Microsoft could/should just buy codemasters from EA, I mean they did buy activision.