Land Rover Defender street bumpers display not headlights at night


I have found that 2 of the select-able bumpers/facial changes that you can do the Land Rover defender do not give it the working head lights on night tracks. The head lights will be displayed ont he vehicle as being on but when on the track they do not give off the head light beams in front of the vehicle. I have a few photos of all the bumpers to show what ones do and do not. The stock bumper, street bumper 2, and the forza Race bumper all have fully working head lights. Bumpers 1 and 3 do not and have the missing light on the ground in front of the vehicle. Also note i found was the Second bumper’s head lights were brighter, though that could have been a glitch on my capture card when taking the photos.


Bumper 1 (does not display head lights)

Bumper 2

Bumper 3 (does not display head lights)

Forza Race bumper