Lag on Drags due to Latest Update


As of yesterdays 3+ GB Update I been having the following problem:

At the drag strip near the HUB, it seems to be that my connection have a delay or is ahead of time, what I mean by that?

When I get the “Green” light to go, others still on Yellow, sometimes when they get the Green, I’m on Red lights.

The lights are not synchronized for me with the rest of the server, I had 2 close drag racing friends helping me out, and we all can confirm what we see is different from each other.

Drag racing is a huge part of my enjoyment in this game, and with the lights not synchronized with the rest of the server for me, makes drag racing practically impossible.

I never had this problem until this past update (13th of Feb about 3. something GB)

I have shut off my XBOX One X
Relog multiple times
Join and Rejoin Convoys
Tried outside convoy
Restart my router
Restart my modem

Test my connectivity for multiplayer, all have passed…

I don’t know what else to try, please help!