I’m getting serious lag when there is say maybe 6 or 7 cars all together on the first corner.
This only started happening after the recent update is anyone else experiencing this same issue?
I’m also getting lag at certain parts throughout the race.

It’s not a Internet issue my speeds are very good.


Windows or Xbox?

If Xbox, which console?

Xbox one x

Xbox one x
I’ve seen it happening on streams also and it’s happening to people I play with.

I noticed a lag on a few corners on Road America when racing in the hypercar division in single player mode. It felt like the car was moving too fast for the graphics to keep up so the everything seemed to slow down for a few moments. Not sure if this is the same type of lag you are referring to. Platform is the Xbox One Slim and the graphics option of the brake assist line was in use.

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Same here.
I thought it was my connection. It isn’t.

Xbox one fat

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Been seeing a similar slow-down then speed-up in Leagues, but I’m assuming it’s my connection. Haven’t tried the game yet with the current update.

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Haven’t seen it in Single Player/Free Play; just finished the EXTRA long Spa endurance w/o any issues. Played through a set of mod cards on Free Play w/o issue, 3 tracks and 3 different cars. I did however have lag to a point in League play last night that I almost caused an accident on the grid; I didn’t get the launch countdown at all and then the screen didn’t change for me until after the flag had dropped, didn’t have RPM’s up, pretty much a stall on start for both the game and my car. Had no issues with the following 3 races.

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Still an ongoing issue…

Had a ~5 second lag spike in 9/10 races I played, some exhibition some league. Completely unfair and unplayable.

Didn’t ever had a lag but quite often first corner is hard on hardware of Xbox. I get roughly 5-10 fps for few seconds.