Lag/delay while racing?

So my girl just downloaded forza 6, I’m sure many experience the slow processes for the download as she did(took nearly 3 1/2 hours) so when it was all said and done, she started playing, getting familiar with the game(I’m planning on getting it next week but the actual disc) so while she would be racing and if there’s a turn approaching, like normal slow down or let the vehicle coast and turn, well she WOULD turn but it would go straight as if she was driving the previous stretch of road full throttle, and would have NO control over her vehicle for about a good 12 seconds, almost likea lag/delay but offline.

Are there others experiencing this as well? Im hoping when I get the game because it’ll be the actual disc I wont have the same problem.

Other than that pretty darn good game!!

First off, downloading 45GB in 3.5hrs isn’t slow. This means a speed of more than 25mbps which is pretty reasonable.
A 12sec delay sounds extreme and would be completely unplayable obviously. The lag like you’re describing isn’t normal, this sounds like an issue with the controller, the TV or the console itself.
Also There is no difference between the disk version and the download version, They both install on the console and run the same way.

Yeah I have no such problem.

Is this lag by chance online? If so I have had the same experience just today and I think I know what is causing it. So how people using a kinect are causing huge lag pikes. I narrowed it down to this because I notice every time I would lag a voice was present. On the left middle side during a rae the name of the user pops up. So after thinking this was the case next race I muted the name and guess what no more lag.

the controller issue would make sense, but she has two a wired one and wireless and she informed me they both act the same. She would signed in online, but its just a “Free play” just her trying to get used to the course, she has the Xbox 1 500GB I never thought it would be the console. I can check all f her connections. She doesn’t have Kinect and she has not played online yet as she’s getting used to the handling/controls

I have a lot of lag when raceing online where my car seems to slow down and the speed up all on its own and gets quite jumpy but my internet still runs at 50mbps so i doubt its that?


So it turned out the controller was never properly programed correctly, everything works fine!