LaFerrari Scuderia One (First Tune)

Hey guys and gals! So as you might have gathered from the topic, I have created a custom X999 AWD tune of the infamous LaFerrari based around handling.

The car retains a nominal top speed of 215 mph and has a 0-60 mph of 1.848, but the incredible turn radius is where the Scuderia One shines. In my honest opinion, after six hours of meticulous debauchery, I think I have tuned the suspension, downforce, and anti-roll bars to perfection. Now, I roll on unbeatable with all assists including replay off in manual (I’d use clutch if I had a wheel, but I’m making do with a controller). I kid you not: I can somehow whip this thing around corners like no tomorrow even at 160 mph without any loss in traction on all four tires and kill the opponent Drivatars. Dodging cars on the expressway is a no-brainer and it seems I can drive along the Castelletto coast half-asleep…

But what’s a tune without a classy design to accompany it? I have also spent some time designing a beautiful yet sharp paint scheme to go alongside my custom build. It sports a metallic flake white-on-silver with a black greenhouse and hood. The red stripe along the Ferrari F140 V12 is complemented by an additional line that runs from the rear of the cabin to the tip of the hood, and a stylized number 1 (for the Scuderia One, of course) graces the roof and doors to remind your soon-to-be left in the dust opponents what is lapping them as well as what position you are about to take.

But I’m not here to brag: I simply want your feedback! This is my first tune so I’m expecting it to not be perfect right off the bat. I can definitely take constructive criticism so feel free to leave suggestions. Please don’t resort to utter contempt though, because that teaches me absolutely nothing. As you give me your feedback, I’ll promptly adjust the tuning, so keep this build saved if you want to see the metamorphosis of it. If this turns out to be a success I will definitely attempt more builds for you all to test. I am just a novice tuner looking to break into the scene and enjoy Forza just as much as you all already are.

Happy test driving!

Tune: Scuderia One by Flint925
Design: Scuderia One by Flint925

Edit: I have temporarily taken down the design because I really feel that I can improve on it. I’ll re-release it sometime soon after my AP exams are finished and I have time to work on it. Between life guarding and getting ready for college that might take some time though.

I’d love to give this car a try and leave some feedback. Perhaps you can convince me the car is not a pile of …

While I admire the efforts in X, is it possible to bring the car down to a measly S2-998 so that it is useable online? That alone would make it much more meaningful to me, and probably many others as the only place that you can race X class online is the drag strip. I’m not 100% sure right now but even in Freeroam the highest class it lets you pick is either S2.

In the end, regardless of your tune and your paint, you have some good writing skills. If your tune matches your words it ought to be a car well built. Can’t wait to try it out.

It completely slipped my mind to keep it at S2 since I almost never play online. I’m one of those gamers that gets everything out of singleplayer and then moves to multiplayer so I didn’t know that X class couldn’t compete. I’ll definitely do that and create a second build. It should be pretty easy considering that the only 2 upgrades that are absolutely necessary are the aerodynamic body mods.

Thanks for the compliment! I’m actually going to major in journalism because I’m a strong writer and a great speaker. Math on the other hand…eh… :wink:

Edit: I forgot about the AWD…that alone might push it to 999. I’m not on at the moment but I’ll check tomorrow night.

There is no AWD requirement for online but it never hurt. the only time I’d say it hurts is if it drastically changes the character of the car – some cars just don’t work with it swapped in.

Just finished the S2 build. It probably isn’t the finished product so consider this an open beta haha. I definitely haven’t driven it as much as the X build but it feels slightly less responsive. I adjusted the final drive and braking to the highest and lowest simulated values respectively and added 2 psi to both pairs of tires to account for the lower responsiveness through cornering. It might actually not be off by that much though. I could just have Observer’s Bias because I’m partial to thinking that the X is significantly better as a class than S2, but I know that’s not the case…it would definitely be easier to see just how far I am into X class when the Scuderia One is fully upgraded so I can accurately calculate the performance loss.

0.4 loss in speed
0.1 loss in handling
0.1 loss in acceleration
Everything else remains at 10.0 luckily.

Try it out and let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions feel free to share! :slight_smile:

I’m going to keep working with the S2 tonight to see if I can get better results.