Ladies and gentlemen ... START YOUR ENGINES!

Ladies and gentlemen … START YOUR ENGINES !!!


Update finalizing. . can’t wait to open the gift . . lol

Have to wait for another 6 hours to start mine. lol Looking forward to joining the 5 day early club!

i have to wait til after work. :frowning:

In work til 4 boy this afternoon is dragging now lol

Installing at 5% per 20 minutes, reinstalling is not fun…

So good so far! I received a ton of free cars and credits for being a loyal fan. Thanks, Turn 10. Time to leave my competition in the dust!

its 9:30am, i get out of work at 3:30pm… and the wait is pissing me off. i might be “sick” this afternoon…

Don’t rush, like usual t here are all kinds of issues, MS can’t seem to get things to work right.

I haven’t had any issues so far. What issues are you experiencing if you don’t mind me asking?

Initial splash image shows up for a few seconds then kicks my back to th e home page. I had a 46 gig install that miraculously turned into a 125meg install so now i get to wait a few hours as it reinstalls.

What are the issues so far? Sounds like theres already an update?

I not only have work but also class at my university until 9pm tonight, talk about a long wait to play! Im counting the hours minutes and seconds…

Its not loading here it was supposed to start 30 min ago

I’ll be home around 5:30 PM EST (because college), so I can start my engines then!

Have fun everyone!

SHt has to download, 16% and counting, a little wait longer.

Dang!! I gotta wait till about 4:30, yall have fun.

After playing and testing almost 9 hours nonstop …


Be home in 2 hours. Come on.