Lack of Technical Focus

The Xbox racing community would be turned upside down. That would be a disaster for T10, NO ONE would play FM anymore. Let the dreams come true.

Xbox has a racing community?


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My friend. The game barely cracks 60 stable on a 3090 at 1080p
It was explicitly NOT designed to run on average computers. Or they failed so spectacularly it doesnt run well on high end rigs.
I think you’re believing in some old hat PR spin that has fallen out of relevancy due to the absolute ridiculousness of its claims. The amount of games that tiny indie devs put out to PC first, that are optimized across the broadest spectrum of hardware, and then they eventually have to try to retrofit it onto consoles, which usually takes months or years after the games release.
If anything, the only merit to your argument would be to say they should just switch entirely to PC release so they can focus on actual optimization and performance scaling on all PC hardware**, rather than spending that time trying to fit a very specific performance window onto proprietary console hardware and OI.

(**Devs dont actually optimize for every possible PC hardware configuration individually, Its much much much broader than that, Most mainstream devs are just terrible at it/dont care)

You shouldn’t max out a game if you are already one generation behind. I use reasonable settings and can permanently hold my 75 locked FPS in native 2160p and that with a RTX 3080.

I posted my settings there.

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Out of interest @JohnDoe9302 do you use the in-game frame cap of 75, or do you set an external cap of 75 using say, Rivatuner or Nvidia CP?


There is no ingame frame limiter, I use the Nvidia control panel for it.


thank you

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The 15 FPS more make a big difference well 60<75, it feels tolerable even somehow smooth enough for me. And I am used to play other games with 120 FPS. I can’t play games with 60 FPS anymore, hell freezes before I do that lol.

15 FPS more means it’s 25% smoother from 60 to 75.


This is just lazy blame associating.

Simple fact is that dev laziness and ignorance is why this game sucks.

  • We knew for years that this penalty system didn’t work well but they threw it in regardless.

  • They were told time and time again that the proximity arrows were terrible, but they are still here.

  • Been told time and time again that career mode needs to be Motorsport focused, but yet we end up with this terribly boring career mode.

I can go on and on, but if you want more proof just look at the last 9 months of updates relative to all the issues still present. It is ridiculous.

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