Lack of steering sensitivity and linearity options is atrocious

I’ve played the opening race so far and I am severely disappointed. Why are there no steering sensitivity and linearity settings? The steering is way too fast for me and the driving experience is dreadful because of it. Games like Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione are known to be a little less forgiving for controller users and yet they have these options which in turn makes it a far more enjoyable experience. These are settings that should have been in from the start, and the fact they’re not here is baffling. I’ve not even got into the rest of the game yet and I already don’t want to continue. Well done T10.

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I’m finding that cars won’t turn when going around 40mph, just starts to under steer.

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Yeah, the game seems to have a chronic case of understeeritis. I can somewhat live with for now that but not the steering sensitivity. It feels like if I’m not just going straight then I’m full lock left/right.

Hopefully they make some updates. Low speed corners are a nightmare.