(KOTT) KIng of the track (February)

Hello everyone where running a challenge off of Facebook link below.

Each month where offering custom painted themed cars for more details feel free to check the link and join in on the fun.

Credits and prize cars are being offered to help bring alittle life back and help people who need credits in game.

These are February prize cars being offered by Hotrod King87
There KOTT themed.

62893F7D-1E53-4968-9290-565B4403DA82 by Corey Gunnet, on Flickr

112C39D8-DDF5-4468-9CEF-BDB9457272CD by Corey Gunnet, on Flickr

6A3D52D9-8575-4194-8DB9-F065DC5C7D09 by Corey Gunnet, on Flickr

And a runner up car for people who beat the king but not the fastest

2594D02B-52F3-4B1B-9749-809158D5ED81 by Corey Gunnet, on Flickr

Any question feel free to message Hotrod on Xbox and join the Facebook page and fun.

Just 2 weeks left to enter come join the fun

Current standings and rules

This months (KING OF THE TRACK) will be road racing

Start date(2/1/21)
End date(2/28/21)

RACE BLUEPRINT SC: 142 596 525

Car being used (1994 Ferrari 355 berlinetta)

(KINGS TIME)- (1.02.429) lap time

Prizes: coming soon(stay tuned)
Everyone who gets ahead of the KING gets 1,000,000cr and prize car (Ford focus RUNNER-UP)

The fastest person gets 2,000,000cr and a (Limited Edition custom painted Ferrari 355 berlinetta with a KOTT THEME for it.

Rules for the event:

  1. can run the event however many times you want
  2. must submit screenshot of final results to be verified
  3. class of car this month will be (S1 Class) and must show class in final results screen shot
  4. Fastest lap must be clean lap no cautions

Racers and lap times:
1st) nayton11 (1.00.811)
2nd) The Shadow4024 (1.01.696)
3rd) Hotrod King87 (1.02.429)
4th) OrangeTAMA (1.03.714)

Any other questions or concerns please do message me.

If you’d like to participate please join the Facebook page.
There’s 1 week left